Industrial Boilers


Magna Engineering offers you design and manufacture of industrial boilers (complete with coolant heaters) utilizing gas, masut or diesel fuel to fire.

 Magna Engineering boilers are three-pass and equipped with double coil. Such design provides for higher efficiency of up to 97%.

 Magna Engineering boiler outputs range from 100 KW to 3 MW. Antifreeze, water or thermal oil is utilized as a coolant.

 Boilers are made of carbon steel and sheathed with stainless steel plates.


Design ensures thermal insulation complete with silicon basalt lining that contributes to lighter weight of the boiler compared to boilers fabricated from different insulation materials by other companies.

 Magna Engineering boilers utilize burners of leading European manufacturers such as Riello, Waldhausen and others, as well as Allweiler pumps. Custom manufacture utilizing equipment recommended by customer is also available.

 Magna Engineering coolant heaters are fully automatic.

 Magna Engineering boilers have a proven track record of more than 16 years of reliable and efficient operation experience.