Swivel joints


Swivel joints

Swivel joints are designed to ensure articulated and pressure-tight connection of steel pipelines.

Scope of product application covers bulk fuel installations, LPG, Natural Gas and  petrochemical facilities.

Pipelines have rigid structure but different types of swivel joints ensure articulation. Swivel joints allow in-process steel pipelines move 360° in all directions. Magna Engineering offers you original, easy to use and low maintenance design solution. The combination of ball and plain bearings is a system that has proved reliable in practice. Plain bearing is made of composite lubrication free material and complete with gland packing.

Swivel joints are designed for low-maintenance operation and O-rings shall be replaced upon loss of tightness/after 3-5 years of operation.swivel-2

Swivel joints offered by Magna Engineering have more than 15 years of reliable service history in LPG railcar loading and discharge at gas filling stations of Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Operating temperature range is - 50°С to +120°С.



      Functional design

Swivel joints consist of two bodies rotating 360° relative to each other. The bodies comprise self-aligning ball bearing, gland packing with plain bearing complete with GOST 18829 or DIN 3771 rubber O-rings.

Swivel joints are available with flanged and welded connection types. Flanged connection is available for GOST 12820 counter flanges, welded connection requires no disassembling.


Service and maintenance

Flanged connections have no special mounting requirements. Welded connection requires no disassembling of swivel joint.